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First of a three-part history of the Mauch Chunk Opera House.
The original Opera House featured a Romanesque tower at the front of the building. A large town meeting room was on the main floor. Arches along the sides opened to the sounds of farmers selling locally-grown vegetables, and butchers offering beefsteaks at 25 cents per pound from their farmers' market stalls.
  Al Zagofsky
Low Hanging Fruit
  Roy Christman
The Great War
  Nic East
The Spice
  Victor Stabin
"Ham" illustration
  Mike Stanley Jeff Wartluft
  Mary Bogin
Why Can't You Give It Up?
  Susan Bulanda
Noise-Induced Cat Seizures
  Bill Roth
Hard to Believe
  John LaRizzio
Stop The World...
  Richard Mauger
Ernie - Part 1


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